olea europaea / olea / oleaceae / lamiales / asterids / eudicots / angiosperms / plantae / eukaryota

Dritta is a variety of olive tree typical to the province of Pescara and particularly prevalent in the Vestina area. Its olives yield an extra virgin olive oil featuring extraordinary chemical and organoleptic qualities

The Pollinaria olive groves are located at an altitude that ranges from 300 to 430 metres. A proportion of these trees were planted in the second half of the nineteenth century by Raffaele Baldini Palladini, founder of the farm and a pioneer of the modern-day olive industry. Baldini Palladini's old oil mill currently hosts the Olive Oil Museum of Loreto Aprutino, the main institution in Abruzzo devoted to the cult of olives and olive oils

All the different types of olive oil produced by Pollinaria are certified organic and D.O.P. Aprutino Pescarese - a special certification that applies to oil made from olives indigenous to the Province of Pescara